Please ensure that our group is gaining very fast.
Therefore, our group has decided to give a coupon of meal worth RM10 to anyone who is registered with us.
Hurry up and grab this opportunities now!!
Please contact our group members.
Thank you for your cooperation.

::: This promotion is valid until 15 March 2009 and is given to 20th person only!

Halal Certification of IRC 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Launch 15.03.2009

Kepada sesiapa yang berada di Johor khususnya di Taman Universiti..
Marilah kita sama2 memeriahkan majlis pembukaan tempat baru kami iaitu berhadapan Coslab (salon), dulunya McDonald's #137..
Island Red Cafe yang akan dibuka pada 15.03.2009...
Jom Makan!!

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